Vulcano is characterized by a unique volcanic landscape and offers its visitors a combination of beaches, hot springs and geothermal activity.

It has been inhabited since antiquity, as shown by its archaeological remains. In ancient Greek mythology, the god Vulcan had his forge on the island, and that is where it gets its name from.

Various civilizations have left their mark over the centuries and contributed to the island’s heritage.

Its active volcano, the Gran Cratere, is one of its main attractions. Hikers can climb the craters and enjoy the spectacular views from the top. The famous fumaroles and hot mud baths also contribute to its unique charm. The volcanic black sandy beaches and their crystal clear waters are perfect places to relax.

The main village is Porto di Levante, which has restaurants, shops and other places for visitors. With its combination of breathtaking landscapes and thermal activity, Vulcano is a unique and fascinating destination within the Aeolian Islands.

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