Filicudi is one of the Aeolian Islands, characterized by wild beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Its rocky coastline hides hidden beaches with crystal clear waters. The village of Pecorini maintains its authentic charm with its white houses, narrow lanes and San Giuseppe church.

Another interesting site is the Filicudi lighthouse, with its breathtaking view over the island and the surrounding sea. Footpaths lead to spectacular panoramic spots such as the Filicudi Belvedere.

The island has been inhabited since ancient times by many different civilizations, amongst which Greeks and Romans.

A testimony of the human presence on Filicudi in the past was found in the archaeological remains of tombs in the village of Capo Graziano.

The volcano on the island has long been extinct and has shaped magical landscapes. Filicudi is also famous for its Bue Marino or Sea Ox Grotto, the largest in the archipelago.


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