Salina is the greenest of the Aeolian Islands, characterized by hills, vineyards and amazing views.

The extinct volcano Mount Fossa delle Felci dominates the landscape and is an ideal destination fro hikers.

The island has a rich history and during medieval times was often attacked by pirates because of its strategic position.

In the XVIII century it became an important centre for the production of salt thanks to its salt lakes that are still a typical feature of its modern-day landscape.

The film “The Postman” directed by Michael Radford starring Massimo Troisi was filmed in Pollara, one of the villages on Salina, in 1994.

The village of Lingua is well-known for its excellent fruit granitas and famous “pane cunzato”, a slice of hard, home-made bread marinaded and served with various toppings. It is also possible to visit Salina’s salt lake by the sea.

Salina is renowned for its caper farming. Capers grow spontaneously on the island thanks to the volcanic soil. The small buds are handpicked and preserved in brine or oil, which maintains their aroma. Salina capers are often used in local cuisine, and give its dishes a distinctive flavor.

Salina’s Malvasia wine is also top quality, wine-lovers will certainly appreciate a tour round the local wineries.

The main village on the island is Santa Marina Salina, with its charming streets and shops selling local produce. Salina is an unmissable destination if you want to discover the Aeolian Islands.

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