Stromboli’s history and geology are intriguing. Historically it has been inhabited since ancient times by various civilizations. Its strategic position in the Tyrrhenian Sea has contributed to its important throughout the centuries.

Geologically, Stromboli is famous for its active volcano, which is about 926 meters high and between 1300 and 2400 meters deep below sea level. It is nicknamed “Iddu” or “him” by the locals, and is one of the few constantly active volcanoes in the world.

Its minor and regular eruptions are a unique and have given it the name “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”. They are of course the island’s main attraction and once it is dark it is possible to see them

The footpath up the crater is popular and allows you to get quite close to the volcano itself.

The main village on the island, San Vincenzo, is picturesque, with white houses and narrow streets. The San Bartolomeo church in the island’s main square and the beach of Fico grande are the places to visit for a taste of island life and to experience the peace and quiet. The island offers a unique combination of natural adventure, history and the incredible chance of seeing an active volcano.

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