Stromboli is the most recently formed of the Aeolian Islands. Its geological age is evident from the activeness of its volcano which generated it and continues to this day with its typical eruptions of ash and lava that colors the island’s night skies red.

Its magma flows down the “sciara del fuoco” to the sea. If you choose to spend your holidays in the Aeolian Islands, you absolutely have to take a hydrofoil to see the incredible sight of fire and steam that the meeting of lava and water generates.

The island’s volcanic activity prompted the ancients to consider Stromboli divine in nature, and the locals have given the volcano the nickname “Iddu” – him in the Sicilian dialect.

Today the eruptions take place every hour on average and this type of effusive volcanic activity derives its name from the island and is described as “Strombolian”.

Are you planning your trip to the Aeolian Islands?

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