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Strombolian explosion

Stromboli with climb to the crater


Departure  from Vulcano


Departure  from Lipari


Departure from Canneto



Climbing equipment : mountain boots, wind jacket or K-way, torch, spare sweater, chocolate and a bottle of water, picnic. The night climb is exciting and full of suspense. It takes three hours to reach the summit, plus one hour on the summit and two and a half hours to walk back down. The altitude reached is 918 m . From the top, the entire Aeolian archipelago can be admired in all its beauty and ash explosions can be seen.


Stromboli by night


Departure 2.15 pm from Vulcano

Return 11.00 pm

Departure 2.30 pm from Lipari

Return 10.30 pm

Departure 2.15 pm from Canneto

Return 10.15 pm

Stop at Punta Lena (Stromboli), Ginostra, Sciara del Fuoco by day, Strombolicchio, Paesino (Scari), Sciara del Fuoco by night.


Stromboli Express


Partenza ore 17.00 da Vulcano

Ritorno ore 23.30

Partenza ore 17.15 da Lipari

Ritorno ore 23.45

Partenza ore 17.30 da Canneto

Ritorno ore 00.00

Stops and swimming :  Basiluzzo (Panarea),  Punta Lena (swim at Stromboli), Port of Scari, Strombolicchio, Sciara del Fuoco. (August only)

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