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Filicudi and Alicudi

Departure 09.30 am from Vulcano Return 5.00 pm
Departure 09.45 am fromLipari Return 5.15 pm
Departure 10.00 am fromCanneto Return 5.30 pm


Stops and swimming : Capo Graziano/Filicudi (swim), Grotta del Bue Marino/Filicudi (swim), Alicudi (stop to visit the village), La Canna (altitude 73 mt.),  Monte Nassari. Il Giafante (island circuit), Filicudi harbour (stop to visit the prehistoric site and village) , Filicudi is a cultural emblem of the prehistoric period. The island that preserves this gem offers lots of bays and rocks, such as to attract travellers and sailors of all ages. Alicudi : pristine island full of surprises and enchantment hard to describe.

Filicudi: sunset behind La Canna Alicudi port

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